The Weathers Family

The Weathers' House

The WeathersMegan and I met in high school and it was not soon after that we married in May of 2012. We lived in Chicago, IL as we completed our degree at Moody Bible Institute. Once we finished in Chicago, we moved overseas to complete our internships. We lived in Cambodia for 6 months, Israel for 3 months and in between we took some time to travel to 27 other countries. We came back to America at the end of 2014.

Our greatest blessing came into this world August 28, 2015. Noya Rose Weathers was born to us and we have never been more happier and tired in our life! She is full of the joy of the Lord with tons of energy. She has Megan's beautiful looks and my keen for adventure. We celebrate the fact that we've kept her alive for so long and we look forward to when she is potty trained!